Asset Manager

Any customer experience is going to be made better by images and clear branding. Clove allows you to upload images to your hub, and then use those images in your templates.

You can access the "Asset Manager" at the top of the Theme Management page.

Upload Media

Once you access the Media Manager, you will see all of your current assets as well as the ability to upload new ones.

After you upload the asset, we'll add it to our image server and content CDN. This allows your images to be served to your customers as quickly as possible, using a globally distributed network.

You can rename your assets as well. This is useful if you are using a theme that expects a certain named asset, like logo to be present.

Embed Media in Templates

If you want to embed your media in a template, it's as simple as adding an HTML tag to that template. The following tag is what you'll most commonly use:

<img src="{{"My Asset Name" | media_url}}" />

This image will be the full size of the uploaded image. Your template may provide some CSS classes that allow for proper image sizing. Always make sure to visually inspect the end result in your hub.

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