CRM Mapping

With CRM mapping, you can connect any CRM data into Clove. This currently is supported for Salesforce—reach out to us if you have a need for a different CRM.


Visit CRM Mapping to create a new sync definition. Select “Setup Sync” and work through the form to connect your CRM objects.

You can map any object and any set of fields into Clove. Use the “Filter synced data” property to only include records that match a set of criteria. For example, only sync user Contacts and Accounts.

Link to Clove Data

After you create your sync, you can setup link rules for the data. Use link rules to connect the CRM record to Clove Users and Organizations.

The above rule syncs SFDC Contact to Clove Users by comparing =

When you create a link rule, Clove will automatically backfill the rule against your existing data.

Re-sync Data

If you make a change to your sync definition, Clove will pick it up for new records but not already synced records. Click on the "KEEP DATA & RESET SYNC” button to start the sync from the beginning.

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