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Clove integrates to Contentful using the REST Delivery API. You can read more about how to connect to Contentful here.

Clove continuously syncs your knowledge base content. We will sync articles as well as categories. The process for each is below.

Contentful does not define any content types for you. Because of this, you'll need to define content types in the way that Clove expects. These content types are designed to be ideal for knowledge base workflows, but reach out to us to discuss changes to the content model.

Define Content Models

The following process is useful if you need to manually define the content models that Clove requires. It's possible to do by hand, but we highly suggest using the import tool to guarantee that it's correct. These steps get slightly technical, so you may need to loop a developer in. If needed, reach out to us and we can do this for you.

  1. Download and setup the contentful-cli application
  1. Login to contentful-cli and select your space with contentful space use
  1. Download the Knowledge Base Data Models to a file called contentful-import.json
  1. Execute contentful space import --content-file ~/contentful-import.json
  1. Your data models have been uploaded to Contentful and are ready to be used

Sync Intervals

You can customize the sync intervals based on your needs. Choose between every 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes to keep your articles up to date. We will sync both assets and content on this interval.

Contentful's API limits are very generous, so you should not experience any rate limit problems. Clove pulls data down and stores it, which means that we are not using the Contentful API for each page load. This means that if Contentful has downtime, your articles will remain available.

Linking to Articles

You can use all of the common Contentful mechanisms to link between articles. Select the "Hyperlink" toolbar option in the rich text editor and change the dropdown to "Entry". You can then select the article that you want to link to.

Clove will rewrite all article or image links to look like the following: /redirect/contentful/en-us/5lpLouDk7CooYUmaquxnbx. This link will automatically route to the localized article in your hub.

Embedding Images

You can embed images by selecting "Embed > Asset" in the Contentful rich text editor. Clove will automatically sync your assets and keep them up to date.

You can update an asset without making changes to the articles that the asset is embedded in. Clove will automatically detect the change and will use the new image.

Clove will link to the images in Contentful's CDN—we don't download images and serve them ourselves. This will use your image bandwidth, but Contentful's limits are very generous and shouldn't be a problem.

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