Success Space Analytics

Clove tracks logged-in user interactions in all spaces. We provide some basic reporting on the space level and we also include the interactions in the activity timeline.

Aggregated Analytics

Our analytics tab shows number of times that a space has been viewed or interacted with. We track all link clicks, including inside of PDFs.

Per-User Activity

You can see the breakdown of specific activity that a user took by looking at that user’s detail page. We also include these activities on the user’s organization activity view.


Want to know when a user has viewed your space, but don’t want to keep checking their activity page? Well don’t worry, we have notifications that let you know when key events happen.

The “Get Notified” tab shows any notifications that apply for this space. You can quickly create a new notification rule that will trigger when a user views this space.

Make sure you’re “assigned” to the organization to receive notifications.

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