Success Space Design

Success spaces are built on a very flexible grid-based design system. This can feel a bit overwhelming at first because you have so many options, but there’s a few tricks to help make things look great.

Duplicate Blocks

You can quickly duplicate a block to replicate its dimensions and contents. This is useful when you’re adding several elements that should have the same size.

Click the settings cog and “Duplicate” to quickly copy a block.

Separate into Columns

We recommend splitting your content into columns based on importance and flow. The following space has a video block that’s slightly larger than the description on the right.

Use the right column to put important related resources like links, embedded files, etc.

Use Horizontal Breaks for Space

One of the golden rules of design is to use space to create visual separation. If you put everything together, it may overwhelm your customers and prevent them from digesting the space effectively.

The following space uses a horizontal break to create a gap between the welcome message and the onboarding plan. You can expand / contract this gap to get a larger space based on your needs.

Hide the Panel

Most blocks will display inside of a white-background panel. This provides visual separation and a good contrast for reading text. You can hide this background if you want a cleaner look. The example above has the panel hidden on part of the text.

Click the settings cog and click “Hide Panel” to make it disappear. The blue border in the space editor will become dotted to indicate that the panel is hidden.

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