Success Space Overview

Success spaces let you put the right content in front of the right users at the right time. You can bring together your videos, knowledge base, files, reports, etc. in a way that allows users to understand concepts and take action on them more quickly than simply sending links to your content.

Spaces come in two flavors: one-to-many and single-customer. We’ll cover each and when you may want to pick one over the other.

Create a Space

Go to the success space list to create a new space. You will see a settings screen that looks like this:

You can name your space anything you want, although keep in mind that your customers will see the name. The “URL Slug” is how the space will appear in the URL bar. Sometimes, you may have duplicate spaces with the same URL. Your customer will see the most specific space that applies to them.

Unlisted spaces will not appear in the list of available spaces that your customers see, but they can still be accessed. This is useful if you have a space that you want to link to, but not put right in front of customers.

One-to-Many Spaces

One-to-many spaces allow you to create a single space that affects all (or a segment) of your users. For example, if you have a lot of content on a specific topic and want to put it together in a way that is easier to understand, you would create a space that can be seen by all customers.

To create this type of space, don’t connect the space to an organization. You must select a segment who can see this space. You can always select “Everyone”, but you can define your own segments based on any data that’s in Clove.

The space itself will behave the same as a single-customer space will. Analytics, action lists, tickets, etc. work exactly the same and will be displayed based on the logged-in user.

Single-Customer Spaces

Single-customer spaces let you create a focused space for a single customer. In addition, you can apply segments within that customer organization. For example, “Admins at AcmeCo” is a segment of users that can be targeted with a space.

These spaces are for when you need to present customer-specific content, videos, reports, etc. Quarterly business reviews, customer-specific training materials, and project-specific information are perfect use cases for this type of space.

To create this type of space, connect the space to an organization when creating it. We also provide a shortcut to create a space from an organization’s detail page.

Build a Space

We have articles on space block types and space design that show you how to add content to your space and aesthetically arrange it.

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